Archibald Thorburn (1860-1935)

Archibald Thorburn (1860-1935) 


Acquired on behalf of a private collector. 


Renown for his birds, Thorburn is widely sought after by sporting enthusiasts from around the world. His works are prized for their detail and skill and are extremely hard to get hold of, in particular his works depicting Ptarmigan, Woodcock, Grouse, Partridge and Pheasant hold particular interest for collectors of Sporting Art today. 

He established his reputation following a commission to illustrate Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Isles, by Lord Lilford in 1887. His paintings were exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy until he became disillusioned with the institution and moved to A. Baird, 70 Jermyn Street. 

Nigel Rhodes has placed a number of large and original Thorburn artworks with Private collectors over the years. We have clients who collect Thorburns so please get in touch if you are looking to sell original works.