Cornelis Jonson van Ceulen (1593-1661)

Cornelis Jonson van Ceulen (1593-1661)

Portrait of a Nobleman 

One of a Pair of 17th Century portraits of a Gentleman and His Wife (betrothal or marriage portraits - both wear the same rings: gold and emerald)

Signed and Dated 1645, Oil on Canvas

Acquired on behalf of a Private Collector, UK

Cornelius Johnson, also called Cornelis Johnson van Ceulen, or van Keulen, Johnson also spelled Jonson, Janssen or Janson was a Baroque Painter, born in London in 1593, to Dutch parents who had fled to England escaping persecution. He probably trained in the Netherlands, but around 1618 he established himself as a portrait painter in London. He was patronised by James I and Charles I and was highly sought after by nobility both in England and the Netherlands.

His works are represented in International and National Collections such as The Courtauld, London, The National Gallery, London, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague, The Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, Germany and more......