Bernard de Hoog (1866-1943)

Bernard de Hoog (1866-1943)


Oil on Canvas, Original Frame, 77.5 x 98cm / 114 x 134cm 

Acquired by a private collector, Asia. 

Bernard de Hoog, a Dutch artist, began his career following a commission to undertake a portrait of his merchant employer's wife. De Hoog had wanted to study art but had not been allowed to by his father and instead had entered into employment with this merchant, who was instrumental in encouraging De Hoog to then study. De Hoog was heavily influenced by the realism of the artists of The Hague School, in particular working under the famous Dutch master of animal painting Jan van Essen. 

In 1886 he came in to his own as an artist with his painting 'During the Sermon in the New Church' exhibited in Amsterdam that year. De Hoog was noted in his own lifetime as an artist of original talent, capturing with personal familiarity and skill the country lives and scenes of the Dutch peasants. His works were exhibited and sold internationally.  

This beautiful painting, in its original frame, showing a tender scene of a mother and her children, is very representative of De Hoog's skill and subject matter and is important in part due to its size being a fine example of De Hoog's larger and hard to find works.

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