Frederick Hulme (1816-1884)

Frederick William Hulme (1816-1884)

Horses Watering

Oil on Canvas, 74 x 124cm / 95 x 146cm

Acquired by a Private Collector, UK

Frederick William Hulme was an English landscape painter and illustrator, born in Yorkshire, he first exhibited in Birmingham in 1841. His son, Frederick Edward Hulme, became a notable teacher, writer and amateur botanist known for his drawings of flowers. Hulme is known for his landscape paintings of Surrey and Wales.

In 1844 Hulme moved to London where he worked designing for publications such as "The Art Journal. and as a teacher of drawing and painting.  He illustrated a number of books including Edgar Allan Poe's Poetical Works of E. A. Poe in 1853, and Samuel Carter Hall's Book of South Wales in 1861and worked in conjunction with other artists, including Henry Brittan Willis.

Hulme exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1852 to 1884, the British Institution from 1845 to 1862, the Royal Manchester Institution and other smaller galleries.

In 2002, an 1865 Hulme landscape, "Sheep resting in a woodland glade" sold for £33,000 at Christie's auction house, London.