Pierre Jules Mene (1810-1879)

Pierre Jules Mene (1810-1879)

Hunting Dogs. Circa. 1870

38 x 18 x 23cm Bronze, signed


P J Mêne is famous as a French animalières who produced a number of animal sculptures,   including horses, cows and bulls, sheep and goats which were in vogue during the Second Empire. His contemporaries included such well known names as Rosa Bonheur, Paul-Edouard Delabrierre, Pierre Louis Rouillard, Antoine-Louis Barye. As he specialized in small bronzes you will never sees his artistry as public monument. He was very successful in his day, popular with the bourgeois class. Mêne is considered to be the lost-wax casting expert of his time.  

This is an original bronze, cast in his lifetime which makes it of particular interest. The subject matter of dogs is very popular, here showing a retriever and a pointer at work out hunting.