George Morland (1763-1804)

George Morland (1763-1804)

The White Horse 1790

Signed, Oil on Canvas, 66 x 79cm


A very fine example of the work of one of Britain's most famous 18th Century painters. George Morland lived a very full and prolific life. He exhibited at the Royal Academy at the very young age of 10, and escaping from his father and taskmaster who apparently kept him virtual prisoner, making him draw and then selling his works and keeping the money, he went to Margate where he continued and developed his taste for a rollicking lifestyle of excess. 

Morland is infamous both for his excesses and for his skill as a draughtsman and his works are extremely sought after and well represented in National museums and private collections. 

This particular painting is exemplary of Morland's artistry in its' detail, composition, size and colour and included here a white horse, somewhat of a signatory of Morland's.