Edward Charles Williams (1807-1881)

Edward Charles Williams (1807-1881)

The Farm Pond 

oil on canvas, 61 x 74cm / 102 x89cm Original Frame

A member of the most famous 19th century family of British painters, Edward Charles Williams was the eldest son of six artist's sons of Edward Williams (1782 -1855).

Like his father, he painted in the woodland style, which is to this day regarded as typifying English painting. However, he was the better draughtsman, with the ability to lead the eye into the canvas, placing foreground material and figures in a manner which gives the work depth and dimension. His use of colour and light and shade gave his paintings both realism and life, consequently his work overshadowed that of many other artists of the day.

E. C Williams exhibited his work widely, showing through the Royal Academy, The British Institution, and the Royal Society of British Artists, the /Norfolk and Norwich Association and many private galleries. Today, examples of his work can be found in several public collections, including the Hastings Art Gallery, the Landsowne Collection, the Holburne of Menstrie Museum (Bath) and the National Trust Collection at Anglesey Abby, Lode, Cambridgeshire.