Frederick Yeates Hurlestone (1800-1869)

Frederick Yeates Hurlestone ( 1800-1869) 

Regency Sisters

Oil on Canvas, 124 x 99cm / 153 x 126cm Original Frame


Beginning his working life in the office's of his father's journal 'The Morning Chronicle' Hurlestone, very young, went to study under Sir William Beechey and later under Sir Thomas Lawrence. Two of England's greatest painters. He entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1820 and won a gold medal in 1823. He exhibited 37 works between 1821-1845 as well as works at the British Institute and at the Society of British Artists of which he was President from 1835-69. He painted portraits and historical subject matter and following visits to both Italy and Spain he painted Italian and Spanish genre scenes. His work is well collected and represented in museum and private collections.