Arthur Gilbert (1819-1895)

Arthur Gilbert (1819-1895)

A Surrey Path

Oil on Canvas, 25cm x 29cm / 48cm x 42cm

Arthur Gilbert 

Arthur Gilbert Frederick Williams was born in Stoke Newington, London. A member of the famous Williams family of painters, Gilbert was the fourth son of the artist Edward Williams (1781-1855) and Ann Hildebrandt (c.1780-1851) He was taught by his father, a renowned landscape painter. In 1843 he married Elizabeth Jane Williams and was a devoted and good husband and father. Elizabeth died in 1848, leaving her daughter Kate and Arthur Gilbert remarried Sarah Godfrey in 1854. They had a son Horace in 1855. Both children went on to paint and exhibit as artists in their own right.

Arthur Gilbert spent most of his years in Barnes and its surroundings and is well known as being representative of the Barnes School of printers.

Works by Arthur Gilbert can be found in the following Collections and Museums:

National Maritime Museum, London, The National Trust, Glasgow Museums, Guernsey Museums & Gallery, Reading Museum, University of Exeter Fine Art Collection.