Fred Yates (1922-2008)


Fred Yates (1922-2008)

On The Bridge

Oil on Bard, 37 x 44cm / 53.5 x 60cm 


Fred Yates was botn in Urmston, Lancashire. He worked as an insurance clerk until the second world war broke out. Following his service Yates worked as a painter and decorator and then began training to become a teacher. While doing this he took up painting proper and worked in the style of L S Lowry. 

Yates strove for recognition beyond the style of Lowry, and in the 1970's, while working in Cornwall and exhibiting in the St Ives 1939-64 Exhibition, that his work gained recognition and commercial success. His paintings during this time show outdoor scenes painted from life in the Cornwall landscapes. Following a solo exhibition in Geneva Henri Cartier-Bresson purchased some of his work.

Moving to France in the 1990's Yates again painted his local surroundings, in particular a small chapel in the woods near where he lived, called Saint-Sulpice. He was a very proactive artist, supporting other artists and working with them on their visits to his locale.

Fred Yates died in 2008, while on a return visit to England and is buried in a favourite spot in Cornwall. The Fred Yates Society promotes and preserves his work and he is now a well collected British artist.