Hippolyte Pierre Delanoy (1849-1899)

Hippolyte Pierre Delanoy (1849-1899)

A Study of Flowers 1874

Signed and Dated, Oil on Canvas, 57 x 49cm

Delanoy was born in Glasgow, of French Parents and was the brother of painter Jacques Delanoy. As a young man Delanoy studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Lyon, (1865-1866), and then in Paris, under Jobbe-Duval, Gleyre, Barrias, Bonnat and Vollon. 

From 1863 to 1887, Delanoy exhibited at the Lyon Salon, and from 1868-1899 at the Paris Salon. Delanoy was noted for his paintings of flowers, fruits, still-life, interiors and genre subjects. 

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