William Joseph Shayer Senior (1788-1879)

William Shayer Senior (1788-1879)


70 x 89cm / 106 x 127cm Signed, Oil on Canvas

Best known for his figures, William Shayer Senior was a well known and popular painter of his time. His skill in the application of glaze sets his work apart from many of his contemporaries and he is well represented in Museums and Private Collections including The Tate Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC and Glasgow Art Gallery. He is an important figure in Victorian landscape and genre painting.  

Shayer was a self-taught artist working and living in the south of England. He began his career working as a commercial painter on carriages and furniture before turning his hand to local scenes of woodlands, people working in the landscapes and typical farmyards and cottages. 

He collaborated very successfully with the artist Edward Charles Williams , Williams painting the landscapes and Shayer putting in the figures and animals. Having married twice and fathered ten children Shayer was assisted by his sons Edward Dasherwood Shayer (1821-1864), Henry Thring Shayer (1825-1894) and Charles Walker Shayer (1826-1914). His eldest son William Joseph Shayer Junior (1811-1892) painted in a similar style and his work is often confused with that of his father's.